MediasourceFetch Interface Reference

Fetch an existing media source. More...

Detailed Description

Fetch an existing media source.

Path: /mediasource/fetch

[in]idThe id of the media source to fetch
An XML documnt with the top level element response and two attributes status and message. The status can be either success or failure and the message describes the cause of the error in a user friendly manner. When the request was completed the successfully, the response element will have a child element result that has all the relevent media source attributes with their corresponding values.

Advanced Paramters:

[in]menurootThe root menu relative to which the menus attribute in the result XML should be set. Omitting this field suggests that each menu should be an absolute path starting from the root menu.


Request: /mediasource/fetch?id=25


<response status="success" message="">
	<result id="6" url="c:\test" type="folder" name="my test folder" tags="" menus="" is_public="false" lookfor_audio="true" lookfor_video="true" lookfor_photo="true" transcoding_when="" is_featured="false"></response>