MetaDataGetURIAllProps Interface Reference

Gets all properties of a resource identified by a URI. More...

Detailed Description

Gets all properties of a resource identified by a URI.

Path: /metadata/geturiallprops

[in]URIThe URI of the resource.
An XML documnt with the response. If the resource does not have any properties, returns a "failure" status. Recursion is always applied. Namely, ancestors' properties are considered if the resource itself does not have this property. Ancestor, in this case, is defined as an entity that has a higher folder hierarchy.
1. This API does not work for sub-properties (such as res@resolution) or for multi-valued properties (such as res).
2. The metadata API cannot be used to get properties extracted from the media itself, only values previously set using the metadata API.



	<response status="success" message="">
			<result uri="file://c:/users/tal/downloads/ronen" propname="upnp:author" propvalue="pauls">
			<result uri="file://c:/users/tal/downloads/ronen" propname="upnp:rating" propvalue="clean">