MetaDataSetURIPropByID Interface Reference

Sets a property of a a resource identified by a UPnP ID. More...

Detailed Description

Sets a property of a a resource identified by a UPnP ID.

Path: /metadata/seturiprop_byid

[in]idThe UPnP id of the resource.
[in]propnameThe property name being set. Has to conform to standard upnp properties (including the xml namespace prefix). For example: upnp:rating upnp:author etc.
[in]propvalueThe value to set. If omitted or empty, then deletes the property from the database (geturiprop_byid will return empty).
[in]is_recursive(optional) Set to 1 to affect child resources. Set to 0 or omit to affect only the specified resource. Child resources are defined by the context of the get function. If geturiprop_byid function is used then the TVersity library defines hierarchy. Otherwise, URL hierarchy is being used.
An XML documnt with the response.
1. This API does not work for sub-properties (such as res@resolution) or for multi-valued properties (such as res).
2. The values being set using the metadata API are merged with the ones extracted from the media itself. The metadata API values will override in case of conflicts.



	<response status="success" message="">
			<result uri="file://c:/users/mambo/downloads/videos" propname="upnp:rating" propvalue="clean">